Becka Belcher

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The perfect gift

A unique and original alternative to professional photographs, my portrait drawings combine classical, rigorous draftsmanship with a contemporary eye for presentation.

My signature style is drawings in graphite on paper mounted on bright, eye-catching colours - either glossy art paper or sumptuous fabrics, often sourced from the Designers' Guild. I also choose to display the artworks in minimal perspex boxes or white box frames.

The process

Simply call or email me to arrange a brief meeting with you and your child/children. I can then take some photos and am happy if you have any good or favourite close-up photos to help me too.

I then elaborate the drawing and mount in my London studio before handing it over for bespoke framing.

The price

Prices start from £800. In the case where there are siblings, a discount price can be negotiated.

Contact me

T: +44(0)7788664779 E: